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Commercial Refrigeration

Ice MAchines

Any Commercial Ice Machine we can repair and fix.  Whether it is under warranty or not, we have the training and the experience to make sure you ice is to our high standard of Quality and hygiene. 

WAlk in coolers

When you have a walk in Cooler you have many perishables that 


If you have an ice machine in your business you must have proper maintenance preformed on a regular schedule.  We are here to help, with our professional training on all major ice machines we are stocked and trained to preform the necessary cleaning to make sure the ice you produce is clean and bacteria call us to set up a bi annual cleaning for your commercial Ice machine to avoid bacteria growth 

walk in Freezers

When things aren't working you want them fixed yesterday.  At Mertens Service we understand you frustration that's why we keep our regular office hours and always have some one on call for emergencies read to come out to your home or business to makes sure safety and security are insured for your unit. We try to find 

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